Stay Open to Life: It is Rigged

Sometimes, life feels pre-determined, pre-destined even. I do not believe that it is but this past week had me wondering—at least for a while. Nothing in my world was as it appeared. I was stuck in some kind of state.

There was the appointment I missed by arriving too early.  I arrived at the time I was told, but that was not the time scheduled for the appointment.

My pot of vegetables—a staple of mine—soured as if it had been in the refrigerator for a week rather than two days.

A quick glance at the calendar revealed the number of days remaining in the month had no working relationship with the amount in my bank account, even if I remained in a meditative state until May 1.

Physically, there were issues beyond my usual lupus symptoms. These my body had kept all to itself. Until now.

Closer Reflection 0215

Ultimately, of course, each was a moment for me to broaden my perspective, to view life through a different lens. Always, I am reminded of the Buddha’s belief that pain is part of life but suffering is optional.

That was my state of mind when I came across this quote from Rumi–“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor”—well, why not? It would change the view, if nothing else.

And how else does the tide turn other than with a view change?

A missed appointment freed up some cash as well as time to explore some options I had not considered.

There was no saving the pot of vegetables, of course. I suspect a couple of days really had turned into a week. Some part of my mind knew this for in the crisper I found fresh vegetables.

And then there was a visit with a good friend. Nothing rigs life in your favor quite like that. In the space of a couple of hours, our conversation ranged from Harper Lee to “branding” in social media. We have yet to meet a topic we would not attempt.

Most of our obstacles would melt away if,

instead of cowering before them,

we should make up our minds to walk boldly through them.

Orison Swett Marsden

And while we are walking through them, we may realize life really is rigged in our favor for the view always changes.

Have a good week. Stay open to life’s rigging.

9 thoughts on “Stay Open to Life: It is Rigged

  1. I may be having an Uncle Harry moment (that guy who tells you the same story over and over) but my visual metaphor for getting by is a fly walking on the ceiling. No telling how the fly does it, but it works nonetheless. Money? Life’s trying passages? I know that I can always walk on the ceiling.

    Thanks for the great visit Karen. I hope we can take up life’s intricacies again soon.


  2. I’m convinced the universe is, indeed, rigged. A lot of what happens to me would make perfect sense if I first assumed that everything was actively organised, by some hidden and malevolent master force, to make sure I couldn’t win, no matter where I turn. I’m sure it isn’t, of course, though it’s tempting to imagine! But as you say, these tests often provide us with unseen opportunities. The issue, as you point out so wonderfully, is being able to identify these moments for what they are and then seize the chances as they roll by!


  3. I so look forward to your Sunday posts (even if sometimes I don’t read them until later in the week). This is a perfect reminder of how the view changes things. I have been practicing shifting my view to deal with a relatively new and unfamiliar emotional state that I often find myself in these days. It is eye opening what a difference that shift can make.


  4. I had the same experience this week with the calendar and bank account thing. I resolved not to get in a funk over it and low and behold after months of inactivity the service had a tutoring student for me. I think the universe rigged it to test me and this time I passed. LOL


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