Dear ?: A Peace Letter

July’s Bloggers for Peace Post is to write a letter for peace, which was a real challenge for me beginning with the salutation. The forpeace6question mark is preferable to a mere blank as there is an acknowledged mystery in the question mark as well as an implied unknown and perhaps uncertainty. Yet, as mindfulness or present moment awareness reminds me time and again, it is in this unknown and uncertain realm where the infinite possibilities lie.

Dear ?:

This is a letter to existence, the life force that runs through everything on the physical plane. Deliberately, I have settled for a punctuation mark rather than a name, although there are many from which to choose, but more and more, I am convinced that putting a label on anything only excludes.

Now that I am past the salutation, there is the body of the letter that contains my current thoughts on peace. Like existence, peace is ever undulating, for peace is not a destination or even a goal but rather, a way of being.

“Peace begins when expectation ends”

~ Sri Chinmoy~
Co-existence on the Row 0713

The onus is on us, where it always has been, yet the planet seems so much smaller now for we crisscross it on a daily basis through images and words on screens. It is reminiscent of when the world wrote letters, and the challenge still is to respond rather than to react. Pen and paper required more of us physically and may have delayed reaction time somewhat.

The ability to communicate instantaneously to almost anywhere in the world has brought us face to face with ourselves. Ideals, illusions, and even institutions have been shattered as we find ourselves in immediate relationship with so many voices from so many places. There are few gaps between thoughts.

Peace is not some sort of lofty ideal nor is it an illusion or an institution. Peace is not a finite but an infinite state of being. Peace is not a one size fits all but is unique to each one of us. The oneness of peace is the acceptance of all of us just as we are for then—and only then—have we removed expectation. The possibilities are infinite.

Peace on the Row 0713

As always, I am overtly optimistic, which is not to say that I am not aware of how taxed our planet’s resources are or how many species are either being pushed to the edge of their existence or are already extinct. I am only too aware that “the world is too much with us” to the point of making my head explode but then I remember:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has

~Margaret Mead~

We begin from within, putting our own house in order from the inside out, which is a lifetime task. And that is how the world changes for we cannot give the world what we do not have within ourselves. If we are not at peace with ourselves, we are not in peaceful existence with the world.

It is no wonder that peace eludes us for we look everywhere except where it resides, within our own existence. It may seem more practical to fix ideals or institutions but change—impermanence–is the nature of all existence.

Discovering our own oneness is how we recognize our connection to all of existence. When we love ourselves completely and compassionately for the beings that we are, recognizing our faults and forgiving our mistakes, then our house is in order for we accept our own existence, unconditionally.

It is the task of a lifetime and always has been.

Yours in Impermanence,

KM Huber

Summer at Waverly 0713


14 thoughts on “Dear ?: A Peace Letter

  1. Karen,
    I am back from my blogging break and thrilled to find this post. Although the letter is addressed to ?, I believe that ? also wrote the letter, if that makes any sense. You channel so much wisdom, insight, and possibility in this letter. Like many of your writings, I will have to revisit it over and over to soak in the lessons. There is a subtle balance between peace and impermanence articulated here that seems to be the key to happiness/life. I sense the balance, but don’t know exactly how it works or how to accomplish it. Losing expectations and judgment are part of the equation. So is self-compassion. Yet there is still an “unknown and uncertain realm where the infinite possibilities lie.” Thank you so much for this offering to the Universe for peace. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


    1. You know, I believe ? wrote the letter for the oneness that is all of us not only received the letter but experienced the writing of it. Thanks for that reminder, Kozo! Although it is difficult to articulate, I think that peace lies within the complete acceptance–perhaps surrender is the better word–of impermanence.for in accepting pain and pleasure we know both will pass and within that surrender is peace. As I say, it is difficult to articulate. It’s great having you back!


  2. As you say Karen, peace is a difficult one because there are so many different strands to the concept. Also we make the very important piont that peace within must be there for peace without to happen. You are a sage Karen and your posts never disappiont, thanks for sharing. Sorry I haven’t been around my health has been up and down, anyway I am back now. Take care xxx


    1. Athena, I have been concerned about your health and suspected as much. Do know you are in my thoughts for the middle way is never easy for us. I am glad you enjoy the posts and do take very good care of yourself.



  3. “It is no wonder that peace eludes us for we look everywhere except where it resides, within our own existence.” Oh how true this is! I spent years looking to find peace somewhere outside me, and it never worked. It’s only as I have begun looking inside that I have begun to discover it. Thanks so much for this beautiful post!


    1. It really is about working from the inside out, isn’t it? I am just amazed at the perspectives I discover. Thanks for the kind words about the post.


  4. “Peace begins when expectation ends.” What a perfect quote to open your elegant post with. You reminded me I can’t be at peace while expecting my neighbor to behave as I want her to; I will never have what I think I’m working so hard for. The still, sweet secret of peace is to let go. What a cool drink of water your words are on a hot July afternoon. Cheers!


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