Reflections: A Stitch in Time

Every moment we experience is a stitch in time sewn into a series of scenes. This is the tapestry of a lifetime, a collage of experiences on what it is to be human.

Meraki MomentIf used wisely, this rich and precious fabric is a remarkable reference. The tapestry reveals the scenes that made us who we are. In reflection, we discover who we might become.

Each single stitch in time was once as fresh and new as the one we are experiencing right now. Our lives pass in the permanence of impermanence.

Look at the rich tapestry that is you. You are not one moment, a single stitch, but a series of experiences, stitched as scenes.

To reflect upon scenes now sewn is to view one’s life in progress: scenes lived, scenes being lived, scenes not yet a single stitch. To reflect is not to relive but to reveal perspective, perhaps possibility.

It is the life changing scenes—the ones that nearly break us–that send us to the tapestry for reflection. It is quite human to want to re-stitch, to undo what cannot be undone. However, the stitches are taut, sewn with a seemingly unendurable sorrow, permanently part of the tapestry.

In reflection, we are reminded each stitch is unique to its time–it cannot be undone or relived—whenever we are ready, acceptance awaits.

In the meantime, we live through one stitch in time after another. It is with the first stitch of forgiveness that we begin to mend the rich and precious fabric of our tapestry.

What you are is what you have been.

What you’ll be is what you do now.



10 thoughts on “Reflections: A Stitch in Time

  1. now that i look back on my life, i realize that every time I made a bad decision or was unkind or deceitful, i carry the heavy memory and regret for those instances around with me for the rest of my life. It makes me think more deeply about my actions and decisions now that I know.


    1. Yes, Craig, we do “carry” the stitches but they need not be a burden. They have their moment and their place in the tapestry. The oneness of the tapestry softens what once was so pointed, perhaps even ragged. Within the whole the one joins the many.


    1. I have read and reread this lovely comment so many times. Thank you for the smile; always you are so thoughtful. You have brightened many a day for me and, I suspect for many others. 🙂


  2. Reflecting on our stitches …. I love this analogy Karen. Each one has its place. Even when we wish it was different, it still makes up who we are today – the tapestry of our life.


    1. I really like your point about “even when we wish it was different.” Yes, each stitch has its place. It is up to us to accept and to experience the moment we have. It does seem to help if we remember each stitch is a part of the tapestry of our life, as you say. Lovely comment, Val. Thank you.

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    1. Hello, Robin!
      Acceptance opens us to everything, it seems. I like the idea of acceptance is glittery for those stitches are without judgment or condition. They are love, always available to us as well. I apologize for the tardiness of my response but know I have read your lovely comment many times. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. It means a lot, Robin.


  3. Beautiful. Thinking of ourselves as collective moments and experiences is such a profound way to see the human experience. Imagine the tapestry we can all create, united?

    I especially loved this: “It is the life changing scenes—the ones that nearly break us–that send us to the tapestry for reflection.”


    1. Exactly, August! The tapestry that we can and do create is rich because it is a compilation of all the stitches–each one a unique experience- blended into a reflection of the whole, beauty in all its facets. So glad you enjoyed the post; thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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