Some Awareness This Way Comes

I have developed some issues with my cervical spine so writing and posting are physically as well as cognitively difficult. Like all change, it will not stay but offer alternatives not imagined. Such is the energy in change.

I am reminded of “life is the art of drawing without an eraser” (John W. Gardner). Every moment offers itself to us for the experience that it is without any erasures. Ours is to continue to draw on each moment.

I am grateful for this day

and for every moment I experience

in this physical dimension

as a human being.

May I meet each moment with equanimity,

compassion, loving-kindness, and joy

for all things, in all ways.

These are my lines that outline each day for me, a selection from what others have revealed to me in their writing and in the way they live their lives. I am grateful for these lines that frame my life, a daily awareness that my way comes.

I plan to resume regular posts by September 14th.  As I am able, I will respond to comments. I know I am behind. Yet, do know your thoughtful comments are not only read–always–but carefully considered and quite often are reflected in my posts. Thanks for that.

Oh, and apologies to Ray Bradbury–Something Wicked This Way Comes—the novel and title seemed rather appropriate. As a matter of fact, I just finished listening to it, again, and yes, more awareness my way came.



21 thoughts on “Some Awareness This Way Comes

  1. Hope you heal quickly. Listened to Bradbury’s “Something Wicked” recently, too. I’m interested in your take-away, especially in the context of this post. Maybe when you’re feeling better and posting again. Cheers!


    1. What stuck with me this time was near the end of the book when the father (Charlie?) responds to a questions one of the boys asks regarding when the night circus will return. And the father says something to the effect that perhaps they are already here. And I thought, yes, they are always here. It is for us to be aware, and if we are, then we will live the life we have and will not yearn for youth past or age yet to come. I can read/listen to Bradbury’s musings over and over. Farewell Summer is another favorite and right now I am listening to the story collection, We’ll Always have Paris.

      Am feeling much better thanks to some acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. I finally found a licensed physician of Chinese medicine. Thanks for your good wishes.


  2. To reframe John Gardner’s thought; all of life is first draft. And there are times to set the pencil down. Pick it up again when you can, and until then listen to your body. It will tell you what it can and can’t do. I’ll see you soon Karen!


  3. Karen – take care. You are quite right; if we meet every moment with positive mind, whatever that moment may be, then we are very much on the right path. There is no question that the mind can affect the body – science is now proving, empirically, what philosophy has known for millennia! My very best wishes and positive thoughts for your recovery.


    1. I agree, Matthew. As you know, I am having some success with acupuncture and am ecstatic about it. Wanted to mention to you a book that I am currently reading: You are the Placebo: Making your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I’ll probably have some posts on it for I found his discussion of the placebo effect quite engaging. My physician of Chinese Medicine said something similar to your words regarding science now proving what has been known for at least 5,000 years. We’ll see. Thanks for all the good wishes, Matthew.


  4. Having dealt with musculoskeletal issues for a while now i can appreciate your need to change focus for a while. For me your posts are such they can be revisited and reread with pleasure and I will do so while offering you my prayers.


    1. Having had two acupuncture treatments now, I am amazed at the difference. I tried acupuncture previously with no results. It is making quite a difference but what also makes a huge difference are comments like yours, Angela. And prayers are always welcome. Thank you for reading my posts.


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