A Day in Search of the Theory of Everything

I am at the point in my life where I can appreciate every day of the week as just another day.  I keep plans to a minimum. It keeps me open to just what any day can bring.

Every once in a while, a day does take on a life of its own. Often, when there is a plan involved. So it was with last Monday and my plan to see the movie, The Theory of Everything.

The day began like any other Monday as I perused my WordPress reader for a #MondayMusing post to share on my Twitter feed. The first post I read–Core Spirit–made an indirect reference to the Theory of Everything.

Far and Away 0315

It is a thoughtful essay on consciousness, in particular the differences between the scientific perspective and the spiritual experience. These differences are centuries old.

To me, science confines itself to the natural world, what it can prove/observe.  Those in the spiritual community—poets, philosophers, religions—confine themselves to the experience of just being alive.

In the Core Spirit essay, scientists seek to define the natural world; the spiritual seek “communion” with it. Yet, it is a world we all share. That we have unique and different perspectives should serve to broaden understanding—fuel curiosity—ultimately, it still divides rather than informs.

As for the Theory of Everything explaining all the laws of nature and accounting for all that has ever happened? The essay ends with: “Einstein said that knowing this equation would be reading the mind of God” (Core Spirit).

Closer 0215

To my mind, agreement upon that equation will not come readily but then I am one who immerses herself in the wonder of the moment. Science may  find the equation; some say it already has. For me, science only adds to the awe.

I was pleased at the coincidence of coming across the post on the day I planned to see the movie about the Theory of Everything.

I checked the movie’s show time once more before leaving but paid no attention to the movie theatre location. That, I was sure I knew.

When I arrived at the third movie theatre location, I was told the movie is now out on DVD. The movie theatre employee looked at me askance, of course, but she did have to make a phone call to discover that information. We both learned something.

If I had read the complete movie listing, I would have discovered the fourth location where the movie was, indeed, playing at that specific time, out on DVD or no.

Of course, it was too late to drive to that location. I was not dismayed. There might be a day to see the movie but it was not that day.

Perfect Shell 0514

Once home, I checked my email. Within the last twenty minutes, I had received an email from the Washington Post, asking to re-publish “Learning Zen from a Beagle,” my post about a blind beagle showing me the way.

Had I gone to see The Theory of Everything, I would have missed being available for a back and forth email session with the Post editor. I would have missed this moment in my life. Maybe, I would have missed everything now unfolding.  Maybe not.

As for my next plan to see The Theory of Everything, my name is in the local library queue. On another day, my name will come up. Who knows what will unfold.

 * * *

For a thoughtful and concise post on the equation and the Theory of Everything, here is Matthew Wright’s “How Stephen Hawking Reconciled the Irreconcilable.”

For a considered discussion on consciousness, here is “The Akashic Field and Consciousness.”

If you are interested, here is the link to the Washington Post’s republication of “How My Blind Beagle Taught Me Zen.”

16 thoughts on “A Day in Search of the Theory of Everything

  1. This is so true: “I am at the point in my life where I can appreciate every day of the week as just another day.” And congratulations on the publication in the Wash Post! I remember that essay well but will click over to see your name in lights : )


    1. And isn’t it a great time of life? I just love waking to the day that is. Thanks so much for the kind words about the post and for checking it out on the Wash Post site. Much appreciated, Cynthia.


  2. And sometimes all phenomena converge to give an individual the universe’s nod of approval. Congratulations on the fact that the Washington post found that golden needle in the haystack. I couldn’t be happier for you!


  3. This either/or for science/spiritual is to me the epitome of dualistic thinking (or maybe Congress is). You said it–it’s all one world. Openness and awe (both/and) are much more fun, I think.


  4. i’ll withhold any spoiler comments on the movie (other than to say I was disappointed) but it is fascinating how scientific discoveries are converging on spiritual phenomenon. For example, science absolutely confirms that all things in the entire universe are connected to all other things, something we are not normally aware of in day-to-day life, but which we occasionally “experience” in spiritual contemplation.


    1. As I mentioned to Matthew, I am looking forward to seeing it. I think the Theory of Everything will push the two communities closer, allowing for their individuality with the bottom line being your point: we are all connected, scientifically or spirituality. I think it will open up an entirely different line of inquiry. Thanks so much, Craig.


  5. In agreement with Val. And wow, Karen! I remember a time when you almost quit writing, and it’s awesome awesome awesome that the Washinton Post picked up your post! I SAY HURRAY!


  6. It’s such a fantastic movie – a very, very strong story, a true human story, showing us the character behind the scientist. No loss on transitioning it to small screen – it’s not as if it’s one of those silly CGI blockbusters that rely on overwhelming the senses to make their point (though there is, in fact, a tiny bit of CGI in this one…you have to watch closely…).


    1. I am looking forward to seeing it. What I neglected to mention was that week was the last that it was being shown in a theatre. I decided my old reliable, the public library, could “choose” to inform me when viewing was possible. When my names comes up, I’ll have 7 days to decide. 🙂 However the Theory of Everything finally equates, I suspect it will only expand our world, enlarge the “communion,” if you will. Thanks, Matthew!


    1. Among the many things in life that puzzle me, this split between the two has never made sense. There is no reason they cannot co-exist and frankly, supplement one another to a certain degree. Thanks, Val!

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