Thursday Tidbits: Posting for Peace

Welcome to Thursday Tidbits, choice bits of information that celebrate our oneness with one another through our unique perspectives. It is how we connect, and it is how we have always connected but in the 21st century, the connection is immediate.

Peace seemed the obvious choice for the first Thursday Tidbits because peace resides within the infinite field of possibilities, one person at a time:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” (Margaret Mead).

Each of us is the one person that we can do something about—in fact, we are the only person we can change, and in changing who we are we change the world. It really is the way it has always been; moment by moment, we give to the world what we are.

Imagine my delight when I discovered a small but growing group of bloggers who have committed to blogging for peace forpeace6during 2013. Once a month, these bloggers will post on peace for peace’s sake. Everyday Gurus is the blog that launched the movement, and I am proud to be participating. The peace posts are fresh, bold, each blogger’s perspective on yet another way to view the world we share.

There are other peace perspectives on the blogosphere as well, of course. Matthew Wright, a blogger that I read regularly, recently published a thoughtful post on the possibility of 2013 as the year of kindness. I was especially taken with Matthew’s suggestion that we remove the ego from our lives and replace it with kindness; “we must ask not how do others threaten us, but how can we help them.” Inherent in peace are four emotions that are not ruled by the ego: gratitude, compassion, love, and joy.

Poet Ann E. Michael recently published one of the most intriguing essays on “blame and fear” that I have read. In particular, I found Ann’s insight on scapegoats illuminating; “fear also keeps us from finding resources of our own.” If we lack inner resources, fear does very well.

Thus, we begin with the one person we can change, one’s self, and we begin in kindness, without blame or fear, grateful that in every moment, we have the opportunity to begin again. It is the opportunity we have always had but now, the connection is immediate.

Finally, here is the forever young Eva Cassidy singing her unique arrangement of “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” For me, the song provides yet another perspective.

37 thoughts on “Thursday Tidbits: Posting for Peace

  1. Another wonderful post! I am delighted to meet so many kindred spirits through Bloggers for Peace, and am immensely enjoying my travels and readings around your wise site. Thank you for sharing of yourself here. Very inspiring! Namaste. Gina


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    • Thank you so much! I apologize for not seeing your lovely comment sooner, and yes, Bloggers for Peace is a wonderful movement of incredible bloggers. Thank you, Kartika. Eva Cassidy’s pure voice is yet another expression of peace.



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  9. Karen, You’ve provided a great service here. So many important links. Thanks so much for spreading the word about Bloggers for Peace. They are my next stop. My Wednesday blog is on ridding my life of clutter. It now feels rather mundane compared to world peace and kindness. But I persevere. One blog at a time. Thanks again.


    • Hi, Janet!
      Bloggers for Peace is a really great idea, and you will find many interesting bloggers participating. There is nothing mundane about clutter; who says it isn’t one road to world peace and kindness? Looking forward to your post. Thanks for stopping by, Janet.



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  12. I so enjoy your posts, Karen. Peace is a wonderful thing–something I try to feel everyday. I don’t always succeed, but it is a learning process. I’ve always like the idea of being present with ourselves to help focus. Keep ’em coming. 😉


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  14. I used to pull on my imaginary fencing gear every time I was offended, while wondering why I seemed to be confronted on a daily basis. Observing anger, rather than engaging in it, gives me time to remember why we’re here. (It sure isn’t to argue over the closest parking spot, or who got Mom’s silver.)

    As always, lovely post, Karen. You are in my thoughts.


    • Exactly, Deb! What a wonderful illustration of being present and sitting in the “seat of Self” (Michael Singer’s term). As you say, don’t engage it, witness it. A most insightful comment.


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  16. Love this post, Karen. I love how you include your research, then offer your own perspective. I agree that looking for kindness and gratitude within ourselves is the key. I’ve never heard this version of “Somewhere over the rainbow,” so it was a highlight of my day. Thank you.


    • Hi, Kozo!

      So glad to introduce you to Eva Cassidy; she had a knack for arranging cover songs that still amazes many in the music industry. The Margaret Mead quote is a favorite of mine and one that has comforted me for decades for it reminds how change is affected, and it begins with each one of us. The Matthew Wright and Ann E. Michael blogs are always inspirational.

      Thanks for getting us going, Kozo.



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  18. Hi Karen, I have this song and it is one of my favourites, I love the sweet souful voice of Eva Cassidy. Your blog is very inspiring today and I had not heard of the bloggers for peace. i will pop over now and join them is they will have me.
    Take care,


    • So glad you joined Bloggers for Peace, Athena! I really admire what the group is doing. As for Eva Cassidy, I cannot listen to her enough; I have all of her work the family has released. What a voice!


  19. This was a lovely blog post to read first thing of a morning. When I first saw your topic, I will admit I winced a bit. So many calls for peace start by requiring the world to become different. How wise to realize that peace starts in one’s own heart–with the only person we really can change: ourselves. Read another great blog post yesterday called “Drops of Awesome” I think. She talked about noticing and celebrating the moments we do right, rather than adding up all we’ve done wrong. Two very good posts about feeling better and more peaceful. Thank you!


    • Hi, Pauline!

      It is interesting that so many look to the outside first, isn’t it? It really is like the song lyric, “Let peace begin with me; let this be my moment now,” which provides the other aspect of looking within ourselves: the moment is all we ever have, and it is enough. Being present allows us to experience the moment for all it is and then let it go for all it is. It is something to consider. So glad you dropped by, Pauline.



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