Day of Freedom

On this day of the noble SOPA and PIPA protests to protect Internet freedom, here is the freedom story of  beagle Snoop (now Cooper) and feline Emma (now EmmaRose), who got a little help from another beagle named Gumby.

Ten year old Snoop and his cat, Emma, had been together for all of Emma’s six years. Then, their elderly owner was admitted to an assisted living facility. The “mature pair” was taken to an animal shelter where they were separated immediately.

Snoop’s geriatric status meant he was not adoptable so he was facing euthanasia. Emma was being held, although she most likely would have contracted a respiratory infection as she waited, which would have meant euthanasia for her as well.

Second Chance Farms, Inc. (SCF) decided Snoop and Emma deserved better. “We became aware of their situation and couldn’t help feel sorry for this lifelong pair who were first separated from their beloved owner and then from each other. We decided to take them both into our program so that they could be reunited and have a chance at being adopted by a forever family.”

Five months later, my beagle, Gumby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was an elderly, SCF graduate, whom I’d adopted. For three years, I took her beagling, and she taught me Zen. Thus, on January 19, 2011, I found myself turning down the familiar SCF road– tears turning  into sobs of  loss—then, the moment passed. Gumby was with me.

SCF seemed to sense Gumby’s presence as well. “As if Gumby had orchestrated the whole thing, Snoop and Emma were welcomed into the open arms (literally) of Gumby’s mom. Snoop clearly knew that his job was to help Gumby’s mom heal after the loss of her special friend, and he eagerly greeted his new mom with many kisses and excitedly jumped into the car (along with his cat, Emma) when it was time to leave the farm to head to their new home.”

Today is Snoop’s (Cooper’s) eleventh birthday and tomorrow, January 19th, he, Emma (EmmaRose), and I celebrate our first year together.

As Dr. Mac said to Snoop just before we left, “You did everything right.”

Indeed, you did, birthday boy, indeed you did.

Rhythm of ROW 80 Wednesday Words:

  • Since January 2, I have written at least 250 words per day or more than 4250 words.

12 thoughts on “Day of Freedom

  1. So that’s Gumby! Now I know why she is there. She’s heart-centred. Our shelter collie Seamus and our fostered tabbies Chloe and Cleo (mother and daughter) are in good company. Lucy, our other collie, senior to Seamus but adopted from a breeder, defers to Chloe continually. Chloe is boss of the house; our benevolent dictator, elder statescat. Dogs may have owners, but cats have people.


    1. Ah, Dorryce, you found my Gumby. She is always with us, and I mean that sincerely, as in her own way, she brought me back to Zen and then I found Taoism. There was such “magic” in this day for all; Dr. Mac and I still talk about it. As for the three of us still on the physical plane, our bond came quickly, perhaps we needed it that much.



  2. I am so glad you linked to this in the Unexpected Milestone post. It’s exactly the kind of story that makes me sniffle and smiles and think about the beloved furry ones I have known.

    Thank you for sharing your companions with us, Kim.


    1. Gumby, as you can see, is always with me, although how she is with me changes constantly. Cooper James and EmmaRose provide unconditional love, of course, each distinctly and with so much personality how could I be anything but joyful. Some gifts are so unexpected. Of course, it means everything that you took a moment to read about those I love the most. It means a great deal to me, Eden, and thank you.



      1. I think, Karen, when we have shared so much love … so much of our lives and selves really that something happens. Some use the phrase “A part of me died” when a loved one passes on. And it’s true… But that ‘s because there needs to be a part of us on both sides of the veil, so we can be together.

        Maybe someday I’ll write a post about my Ishkabibel kitty… Because the fuzzy people deserve to be remembered, and you inspired me.


  3. I love how the three of you have joined into the perfect family! I can feel the love in your heart for these little critters who would never had a chance at such a happy life, except for their beautiful Momma KM Huber! Keep up the great writing!


  4. OOOH…. I am such a sucker for rescued furry family members and forever homes. You can ask Corki the pitty-bull mix and Margot the Manx (who is NOT Corki’s cat, although he would like that very much).

    Thank you so much for sharing this delightful story. =D


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